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Green. Smart. Evolved.

Garden Street Lofts seamlessly weaves together environmentally-friendly or “green” strategies with brilliant modern design by SHoP Architects and advanced engineering by Buro Happold. Informed choices are behind every aspect of the Garden Street vision: the result is smart, elegant design, luxurious use of light and space, and the highest level of craftsmanship.

Eco. Efficient. Healthy.

The benefits of living in a green building are tremendous: cleaner, filtered fresh air; low-VOC paints and finishes; high ceilings and large windows to let in more light and reduce the need for air conditioning and heating; construction and materials made to last. Its re-use of the existing building is perhaps the ultimate in recycling. A sedum-covered green roof will reduce the heat island effect and insulate the building, as well as absorb rain-water runoff. In addition, the building will be buying power from wind and other alternative energy sources. This combined effort toward sustainable living will yield one of New Jersey's first LEED-certified green residential buildings.

Brick. Zinc. Coconuts.

A fusion of old and new elements, Garden Street Lofts integrates a modern zinc-clad addition with a century-old renovated warehouse. The sleek zinc panels of the new building form a light and intricate lattice of large glass windows and enclosed ipe wood terraces that wrap around the restored original building. What once was a coconut processing and storage warehouse is now transformed into Hoboken's hippest, smartest, and only green residence.

Digital. Natural. Beautiful.

How is all this possible? Smart designers making smart choices. Acclaimed New York architects Sharples Holden Pasquarelli (SHoP) embrace digital design techniques that streamline construction, making beautiful, healthy buildings at the highest levels of execution. Renowned engineering firm Buro Happold employs advanced digital modeling to ensure maximum efficiency in the building's structure and systems. Together with Bijou Properties' commitment to developing environmentally-friendly buildings, Garden Street Lofts boasts a professional pedigree second to none.

Modern. Historic. Superb.

Each of the thirty luxurious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes makes the best possible use of its modern open floor plan, and, in the case of the older building, its original architectural details. Structural columns, exposed concrete beams, expansive windows and 12' ceilings provide a feeling of spaciousness and true loft character to the residences in the renovated section. The lofts in the new addition exploit smart plans and clean lines to create living spaces that are sexy,elegant and inviting. Many have inset ipe wood terraces. Residents have a choice of clean light wood or rich dark wood flooring depending on the orientation of the unit. Top-of-the-line appliances from SubZero to Viking to Dornbracht are standard in every unit. With quality craftsmanship and the best materials and finishes throughout, each living space is design-driven and built to last.

Over the top

The sixth and seventh floors feature six special 2 and 3 bedroom penthouses with dramatic geometry and light-filled living potential. In the two duplexes, the living room has a double-height ceiling that soars to 24 feet, looking out onto a wrap-around terrace with hot tub. Luxurious living and entertaining possibilities abound. All penthouses boast a merging of inside and out through their spacious open terraces. And yet the feeling you get when you walk into your new green home knowing it is healthy, safe and environmentally-responsible might just be the greatest luxury of all.

Live green

Enjoying cleaner, fresh air and reduced exposure to allergens due to the latest air filtration technology. It also means saying goodbye to emissions from paints, adhesives and finishes that release volatile organic compounds (VOC's); beautiful light from enormous windows fitted with spectrally selective glass that helps keep temperatures comfortable; lower utility bills from energy-saving features and high efficiency, HVAC systems that do not use ozone-depleting HCFCs; the pleasure of knowing that you live under a green roof created from carefully selected plants and soils. A better insulated, better ventilated, lighter and quieter home. It also means knowing the building materials were recycled during construction and not adding to our mounting land fills, and that they come from sustainable sources such as bamboo, or local ones that reduce the cost of transportation. Knowing the plumbing will conserve water, and the electricity is coming from a wind power co-operative. Feeling good about the fact that your beautiful green roof absorbs rainfall, provides excellent insulation, produces oxygen, and reduces pollution as well as the building's "heat island effect." An aesthetically pleasing, environmentally-sound decision that lowers the cost of cooling the building. That's right--everybody wins.

LEED - Registered Project

It took years of effort by some of the best and freshest minds in the industry to create a residence that doesn't trade comfort or beauty for environmentally-safe practices. This commitment to a belief in building green is demonstrated by the decision to seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, the standard bearer for ecologically- conscious building practices in America.

LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas of human and environmental heath: sustainable site development; water savings; energy efficiency; materials selection; and indoor environmental quality.

Home sweet Hoboken

Not simply because it's a stone's throw from Manhattan--a quick stop on the PATH train, or three minutes by high speed ferry--has Hoboken earned the nickname "New York's sixth borough." It's also because the city and its residents have a New York sensibility, one that is sophisticated, vibrant,creative, and chic. The reasons people choose to live in big cities are all here: restaurants catering to people who know food, funky bars, cool little boutiques, galleries and cafes, organic markets, indie culture. But for those who also seek a feeling of neighborhood and life lived on a more human scale, Hoboken is a charming alternative. The sense of history preserved in the many brownstones and townhouses, or enjoyed on a stroll through Elysian Park, site of the first organized baseball game in America, or even the iconography of Frank Sinatra's birth place give Hoboken its character. Walking a few blocks to catch music's next big thing at Maxwell's, or spending a Saturday morning at the farmer's market where you're more than likely to run into a neighbor or two, gives it its intimacy.

Go green

Green is more than good, safe choices. Green is a state of mind. It's about knowing your neighbors and being part of your community. It's about living close to public transportation. It's about a more symbiotic relationship with light and weather. Green is caring, and paying attention to the little things that make life better. And pride--the kind of pride that comes from teaching our children by example, and helping to ensure they have a safe, clean world to live in today, and also tomorrow. So go ahead, reach out and grab the future, and put it on your keychain.